So bummed. All has been going so well while we were looking forward to our 3 day getaway beach vacation that is coming up on Monday (we haven't been anywhere for fun this entire year), and LO is seemingly getting sick tonight. He was suddenly very cranky at bath time, cried and cried and had a 99.4 temperature, said that his head hurts. Then he went to bed with freezing hands. Woke up 2 times crying already for the past 3 hours. I really hope it is not the flu (although he had the flu shot done but this year the flu shot isn't very effective they said). His fever seemed to have subsided though and he was very sweaty both times he woke and cried.

Our trip is coming up in 36 hours and we don't have insurance, and husband said we already paid 5k for this trip so far (non-refundable). So I am really hoping he'd be well by tomorrow morning. This ALWAYS happens. Every time we were about to go somewhere he has to be sick. He had hand foot and mouth when we were going to Iceland for 2 weeks. Then he had 104.1 F the day before we departed for another beach trip (but he turned out completely fine the next day miraculously). And this again.

Just venting and I am super worried. Prayers and good wishes for us please