Does anyone have any experience doing a long-distance or virtual shower?

The situation: my sister is in Colorado, due in June with her first baby, and unable to travel before that because of medical reasons. Family is all over the US.

I'm brainstorming a virtual shower - send out an "invitation" with a date/time to go on FB live (I think everyone is on FB or at least has a kid who is), registry info, and a request to ship gifts there by that date, then my sister/BIL will open all the gifts on camera with ppl commenting as they go. I would also send a favor/treat package to each "attendee" in the mail.

I'm not worried about this seeming gift-grabby because it would just be family and close friends who would be sending them gifts anyway. But, I have so many questions. For groups of people that are relatively close, should we host viewing parties, or would that be sad to have mini-showers without the guests of honor attending? What would you put in the package to each attendee (I'm going a little nuts looking at all the ideas here:, and what's the most economical way for me to ship all this? Any advice or potential issues - without someone there to parse through all the boxes and gifts ahead of time, will it just be awkward to open them all live? Should my sister pre-open? Has anyone successfully done anything similar? I'm all ears.