I was torn whether to put this under general parenting or this forum but went with this thread because I think her poor health really intensifies it. But, I think many parents of healthy kids go through the same thing.
So, LO (almost 2) has really developed a preference for me. This isn't surprising, as I am the one who stays home or in the hospital with her when she is sick and I do more of the parenting stuff when she is not sick, too. It wasn't always like this- she didn't start getting very sick until almost 1, and it has only been the last 6 months that she has been chronically ill, so before that my husband and I were on more equal terms regarding parenting time.
But now it is different and she actually rejects her daddy if he tries to pick her up and whatnot. It is super sad. PLUS, I am torn between needing a break and not wanting to give up control of her care, especially her healthcare (familiar, anyone?)
So, for those of you who have worked through this, give me some pointers/advice/a strong lecture, whatever, lol. I really need to nip this in the bud for ALL of our sakes.