Dang sorry ladies. I swear this has been the craziest pregnancy ever. I went from one day of extremely high blood pressure to now dealing with almost too low blood pressure. Now it's still in the "ideal" range but its gets for me. This morning it was 103/62. I felt so dizzy and still do this morning and this morning was nausous. I've been dealing with dizziness for a few weeks but though it was nothing. Should I be concerned or just brush it off. I've had some swelling in my legs that sometimes pits especially toward my ankles. So I thought I was dealing with high blood pressure but I think I'm dealing with the opposite.

I just dont want to be the pregnant lady who cried wolf or freakout too many times. I just dont feel right sometimes. My next appointment isnt till next Friday. I've called once before about my edema. I definitely deal with white coat syndrome and get some much axienty making phone calls to the nurse and asking questions.