In the words of Joey from Friends, "could I FIT any more words into that title?"

Posting for commiseration/ideas/support of any kind. My husband and I are both working at home due to COVID restrictions, and will be for the summer and likely into fall since school is not reopening full time for us, and my only child 7 year old has been home since March and will be through summer since camp was cancelled. We don't have family nearby and are on the higher side of risk aversion with spending time with others right now so we've opted to just do the best we can without hiring childcare.

I realize I have a lot to be grateful for - my kid is generally adaptable, we have very flexible employers who are dealing with similar issues, and a decent amount of flexibility in our schedules to get work done. Where I'm really struggling right now, with no school structure to back us up, is how to manage our days so that we can get work done and our kid doesn't feel left on her own all the time. She is pretty terrible at entertaining herself in general, and I feel awfully guilty every time I say I can't play. This is something we've been working on for a while and it is getting better, but it's still an issue, especially since she only has us for entertainment and the look of disappointment on her face kills me. I've tried to build some structure in so that we could do some "learning time" and intentional play time together but she full-on resists any school-type activities and any intentional time I set aside doesn't seem like enough. On days that I'm busier (I have a fair amount of calls and sometimes online teaching sessions to do), I see that she acts out more, is less patient, snappy, doesn't sleep as well. I try to balance my days to take time off periodically to spend with her and take trips out where possible but I just feel like I'm not doing enough and of course when she needs something, she always comes to me, even though her dad has similar if not fewer obligations day to day. This is our second week out of school and I've tried talking with her about how we can work together to do things that work for us all but it's working only in occasional spurts and I'm flailing on how to manage this.

Thanks for listening to me whine