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Major guilt spiral/idea drain - only kid/working parent COVID parenting

  1. Mrs. Carrot

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    @ALV91711: One thing that's helped me when she says she's bored (which thankfully isn't often, it's the "play with me" that's the challenge) is I tell her she can read something, craft something or build something and that usually gives her a direction to start with. I don't even tell her what, just pick from "read, craft or build" since we have tons of books, building toys and craft supplies around. Usually she'll pick up a book and then two seconds later decides to play with Legos or whatever, but the direction helps at least start somewhere and spark some other thinking. Commiserating alongside!

  2. Mrs. Carrot

    blogger / nectarine / 2043 posts

    @ElbieKay: I totally hear you. My parents are in northern NJ, it's where I grew up (River Edge) and I'm glad to see that things are getting much better there. Northern VA, where I am now, is still floundering I was considering sending my daughter to camp with a similar setup but it got too expensive because of the extra precaution measures. So far we're doing OK with an inflatable pool, walks and hikes whenever it's not blistering hot, and taking it day by day but I'm bummed every day on what she's missing out this summer. And I totally hear you on school. Our district gave us an online-only option or 2 days in/3 days offline work, and I'm nearly certain we're going to opt in to online.


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