I have my SIL and FIL coming in to town next week to stay for a few days. Sadly, FIL is ill with terminal lung disease and on oxygen 24/7. They are driving a LONG distance to get here and they are staying in a hotel for his comfort.

I'm wondering if there's anything else I could do to make their visit more enjoyable/comfortable. We'll have a lot of downtime so I want to make some space for FIL to camp out in the living room with DH. I'm also expecting him to be a little grumpy since he's out of his comfort zone as well.

I got a list of snacks that FIL likes so I'll have that set up. SIL is extremely self-sufficient so I'm sure she's well prepared for her own needs. Anything else you'd recommend - especially for an older relative - to make them feel comfortable?