I had my first prenatal appt yesterday. According to my LMP I was 7w1d. My last cycle was 40-ish days long. (I had weaned my daughter and my periods were returning but not regulated). But I had assumed just based on feelings of ovulation (didn't actually track) I was back to a more normal cycle.

My OB felt my uterus and commented that it's bigger than she thought and maybe I'm further along than I thought.

She did a transvaginal ultrasound and baby was smaller than she thought measuring 6w3d. She also detected a heartbeat but didn't disclose how fast or slow it was.

Side note.. my first two pregnancies ended in miscarriage so I am super sensitive and prone to worry in my first trimester. My last two pregnancies ended in my son and daughter but i am still anxious!

Anyway my OB stared at the screen for awhile.. then she said she wanted to see me in a couple weeks because I'm not as further along than we all thought. She mentioned she wants to make sure the baby is growing. She also mentioned that I still have risk of miscarriage. When I pressed her further she said "I am not going to give you reasons for you to worry."

She didn't want me to get blood work done or anything but she seemed off to me?? Maybe I'm being paranoid and she's being cautious.

i left the appointment with a bad feeling. Am I overreacting? It's definitely possible I ovulated later than I thought. also my other children I remember measured a fewdays smaller at their early ultrasounds too. But just the exchange with this OB and her reaction just worries me. I know if baby measures small it could mean things are not developing correctly.

Am I crazy or valid? Please share your honest stories/thoughts.