Has anyone ever seen the revamped Nightmare on Elm Street from a couple of years back? The protagonist kept micro-napping (slipping out of consciousness without being aware of it while awake) and I totally didn't believe it was a real thing for people not being stalked in their dreams by Freddy Kreuger.

However, on day 16 of no sleep with a colicky baby girl I now KNOW they're real. Just a little scary when you're snuggling the baby and can't tell if you're really awake or not. I have to rest her on a pillow on my lap in case I slip off and my arm gives

My husband can't get up with her at all during the night and works all day long so I don't have anyone to give me a break. I literally have 17 hours worth of sleep to my name and she's been alive for 16 days.

Has anyone else experienced micro-naps during the newborn stage? Does it ever get better? Do you come out of your micro-naps in a panic that you've dropped/squished/lost your baby?