Since being stuck at home together for 9 months and counting, I've noticed that my husband is an epic micromanager, especially when it comes to our daughter. He constantly nags her during school (we're virtual at home, 2nd grade) - how to sit, where to sit, what to do/not to do, pay attention, repeating the teacher's instructions, it's nonstop. Our daughter is a good student, she loves school, even virtually, and she's very diligent about being in class and answering questions and participating, but she has some attention issues so she fidgets a lot. I've told her (and him) to use fidget toys, to change up her environment, etc. and I've tested her to make sure she is paying attention and I have no doubt that she is, but whenever I'm in my office working, I hear him still constantly nagging her and she's getting fed up and yelling at him so they're constantly arguing. He does the same thing during meals, while she's getting ready in the morning, during her taekwondo classes, etc. When I try to talk to him about it, he gets pissed at me and says I just want everything to be my way. At this point I've literally resorted to teaching my 7 year old daughter to diffuse arguments by explaining to him why she might be building a pillow fort during class, calm herself down instead of yelling back, etc. Important skills for her to learn, but mostly coming because her father is completely unresponsive to feedback. Any ideas on what else I can try with him? I've told him before that he's damaging their relationship, and he seems to get it, because she only fights with him, never with me, but does nothing about it and gets mad every time I dare say something.