I have a pretty complicated question. I have an appt with my OB in 2 weeks but I'm looking for other perspectives as my practice isn't much help. I don't know who to ask anymore.
I had a D&C in August. Baby passed at 8w, I found out at 13week NT scan. Everything seemed fine after d&c, no infection symptoms and a period 30 days after.
As I am desperate to get pregnant, I started taking 200mg Rx progesterone suppositories 4 days post O. I have extremely low progesterone probably due to stress and I think it helped me get pregnant with my first son who is 2.. OPKs did indicate possible ovulation but I was all over the place with O. For 3 months I got BFN so I'd stop taking progesterone and it would trigger a period 2 days later.
This month I did not use the progesterone because I had some really heavy bleeding and serious internal swelling it felt like and I wanted to see what my real cycle was like... And now I am 12 days late for my period and BFN. I'm thinking that the progesterone just caused false periods and maybe something is really wrong with my cycles.
Is it normal to be this irregular 5 months post D&C? Could progesterone have triggered a fake period?
I am 34 with history of infertility, low progesterone, low egg count, you name it. I did get pregnant naturally twice though.

TlDr: was taking Progesterone in an attempt to get pregnant post D&C and since stopping progesterone I haven't gotten my period.

Anything you have to add will help