I know similar threads have been posted before, but the mommy preference is getting out of control with my 2.5 year old. She's always preferred me, and I stay home so obviously spend way more time with her. It got really bad while I was pregnant and probably wasn't giving her as much attention because I was so tired, and maybe she sensed the change, but did get a little better.

Now baby is 2 months old and the toddler doesn't want daddy to do ANYTHING for her. Everything is Mommy do it! Often she will be ok once they are doing whatever it is- like she insists she wants me to give her a bath but once he is doing it she's ok. But she says a lot of things like, daddy don't hug me, or today, no daddy, you can't love me.

Right now she is having her biggest tantrum ever in her room. DH went in to try and calm her enough to rest during nap time and it dissolved into screaming and crying and yelling I need my mommy. I could have gone in and soothed her but then I'm just reinforcing that mommy is the one that fixes things.

I've tried spending extra one on one time with her whe I can because I know the adjustment to sharing me is hard. DH tries to do special things with her but she makes it really hard. I'm at my wits end with being constantly pulled at in every direction but an infant who physically needs me (breastfeeding) and a toddler who freaks out if her dad tries to do anything for her.

Any other suggestions? We tried doing swim lessons as a fun daddy daughter thing and it ended up with me having to get in with her instead because she cried the whole time with him.