My mom is super supportive, loving and is the best mom I could ask for. But I'm insecure about some of the ways I run my household around her, and these are the areas where certain seemingly innocuous comments she makes sets me off and it feels like she's criticizing me. I brought it up for the first time with her today, and she immediately shot back - very uncharacteristically - and told me that I'm just way too sensitive.

I told her that it's common for daughters to feel criticized by their mothers (even if they're not criticizing!), but it didn't seem to matter that much to her. Shrug.

So I'm wondering just how common it is: Do you feel like you're more sensitive to criticism from your mother?

Also for those from immigrant families: Do you think that the language barrier, to the extent which it exists, plays a role in that? My mom speaks Korean and I speak English back to her, and sometimes the very indirect way things are worded in Korean make me shudder.