Agh! This weekend DH and I went to a family cookout at his cousin's house. One of his cousins, who has absolutely no filter, started criticizing the name we chose for LO. Her name is going to be Gwendolyn-my maiden name- last name, and my maiden name is more masculine, like Williams. My sisters and I are the last of the 'Williams,' so it was important to me to pass on my name.. But listening to him go on about how she's going to get teased because her middle name sucks, and how her first name is just too fancy, really pissed me off. UGH!

It's the first negative response I've had to her name, and I wish people would just keep it to themselves! He was insistent that she is going to get teased for her name, but frankly, my name is Jennifer, nice and unoriginal, and I got teased for *my* name.

It had me second-guessing her name for the rest of the day, and now I'm just annoyed. I know DH's cousin is just an idiot, and all that matters is that DH and I love her name, but I couldn't help but worry that I am dooming the poor girl to a life of teasing