My son is 6 and in kindergarten. I just watched his end of year assessments on zoom (the ones they do verbally about sounds, letters, sight words, repeating sentences, etc) - and while his reading is great, his enunciation is still pretty bad. I think people can mostly understand what he says (100% with people he knows well, somewhat less with strangers) - it's just so mushy. I remember the dentist saying something to us about it a couple years ago - that he has low muscle tone in his mouth.

I'm curious if anyone has experience - if so, is this something that resolves with a couple years in school? Will we have to intervene? I know it's common in boys this age, just not sure how it gets better. I also have somewhat impaired hearing and know that I don't always enunciate either so I've been working on it to model. But my oldest didn't have an issue so it's definitely something unique to him.

Thanks for any advice!