It could be his favourite food and he wont touch it. Out of the 5 days this week MAYBE he ate one lunch and half a supper.

Today he refused WATERMELON for his snack. What the heck.

I've had luck with smoothies so I make them with spinach for extra nutrients.

Otherwise he will only eat peanut butter, banana, cheerios and yogurt without a fuss.

He used to eat everything and now he will have a bite (If I'm lucky), say "yum!" And refuse to eat any more....

Do I just ride is out? I worry if I cut out snacks he wont eat at all.

Should I give him "snack" food at meal time and cut the snacks out? Maybe he would eat yogurt, peanut butter and banana for supper....??

Yesterday we had a salad with apples. I gave him some cut up apple on the side of his food and he ate it and asked for more. Today, I gave him apple and he took a bite and refused the rest.