So I usually talk to my Dad on the phone a few times a week, although they're short conversations. Today I was talking to him and he gets all excited to tell me that his spreader (he works in construction/landscaping - its something used to spread fertilizer over LARGE areas (not just a little push one)) died and as he was about to bring it to the junkyard since it was really old and not salvageable he noticed it had really nice tires on it. So he saves the tires, guess what for...

A go-cart for his grandson, haha. Mind you, his grandson isn't even born yet! And he starts going on and on about how he's gonna build his grandson the go-cart he always wished HE had when he was a kid.

My Dad had three daughters and then married into 2 step-daughters so having a boy in the family is a huge deal for him. It's actually the silver lining to me having a boy despite the fact that I wanted a girl more than anything. But the funniest thing is, knowing my Dad he'll probably start building this go-cart this winter (which is the slow season for my Dad) and will be so excited even though WHAT THE HECK is an infant going to do with a go-cart!?!

Have your parents done anything cute/funny since you've become pregnant?