DD is only 4 months so the title is an exaggeration, but recently she seems to have an aversion to DH. When he looks at her, tries to engage her, holds her, etc, she immediately starts crying, and nothing he does calms her down or comforts her. At first I thought it was an obvious mommy preference, since I stay home with her and I've got the boobs.

But, then I was at my parent's house, and she happily hung out with my mom and with my dad, no crying, smiling at them, the works.

DH and DD spend a fair amount of time alone together, usually at least 30 minutes to an hour weekdays and a few 2 to 3 hour stretches on weekends. He's done night duty, he does a lot of baths, he changes plenty of diapers. So the whole, they need to spend more time together/he needs to be more of a caretaker doesn't seem to ring true here.

It's to the point where she'll be screaming inconsolably in his arms, but the minute I take her she's all smiles. He's soooo frustrated and sad about this, and I'm frustrated for his sake and because I never get a break!

Anyone else experience this? Advice? Tips?