My oldest and closest friend (we've been friends for 35 years) was married to a guy who is a nice person and tries to be a good dad, but he's also a mess in terms of being a functional person - can't keep a job, some mental health issues (which are not his fault and don't make him a jerk), doesn't pay bills, constantly getting parking and speeding tickets, etc. Anyways, they separated probably 18 months ago and have been in the process of divorcing.

He is living with a roommate and has still been coming over to their house multiple times a week during the pandemic to see their children and watch them while she works and picks up groceries. My friend knew his roommate was an uber driver, so she knew that he was potentially exposed when he would come over.

HOWEVER... it turns out that this whole time the ex husband knew that his roommate is a crazy person who believes covid-19 is a hoax and doesn't ever wear a mask or wash his hands extra, even when driving for uber. And now the roommate is very sick and tested positive. And ex-husband never shared this info with my friend. I'm super livid that he didn't tell her that he was actually at very high risk for getting sick so that she could know the real risk of him coming over. He didn't lie to her, but he definitely omitted something important. I really want to send him a nasty message, but I'm trying not to. Plus, he's now posting "woe is me, I'm the victim" stuff on FB. I'm like, you live in close quarters with someone who was doing very risky stuff. Of course he got sick and you were exposed. That was your choice not to make any attempt to figure out an alternative temporary living situation. Also, we are in an area with very high rates of infection.

Sorry this is so long. I just needed to get this off my chest to avoid giving him a piece of my mind (which I still might do).