I really need some friend advice.

I was friends with a girl for quiet a few years. We partied *really* hard together and that was the base of our friendship. When I started to settle down she was still partying and when we'd get together I really felt like we didn't have much in common any more.

However, I was oblivious to this for a long time and even asked her to be one of my bridesmaids. But over the course of planning and introducing her to some of my other girlfriends I started to notice a lot of things about her that just didn't jive with my life.

Honestly, I felt like she couldn't care less who I was marrying. For someone who lived 20 minutes away she had met my soon-to-be husband once? He had even done lawn work for them and she wouldn't even say hi to him if she was home and he was there. My girlrfiends from out of town had met my husband and talked to him casually on their own more than she ever had.

During the wedding planning days, she also didn't do much to make my out of town and long time girlfriends feel welcome. Both of them said that conversations felt very one sided and cold and the two of them who had to meet for the first time both hit it off well. I get that some people don't fit together, but I thought she'd at least try.

Then there were a few incidents during the planning that really made me question her loyalty to me (if that's the right word). My family friend hair stylist lent me lipstick for the wedding, and I get it, it's just lipstick, but this friend kind of stole it. It's a long story but I never did get it back and had to buy a replacement. She also kept a unique, hometown sweater that was left at her house from one of my out of town girlfriends, mentioning multiple times she couldn't find it and when they went into her house it was hanging in plain site in the closet.

I don't want to make this a book but there are a lot of other things that happened during that time frame that really made me question our friendship.

After the wedding I got busy and stopped making time to see her. This was probably in bad taste but I had no idea how to tell a friend that among other things, we've grown apart. Or, I have grown apart from them.

It's been over a year and I have not been in contact with her. She has asked to go for lunch a couple times and I've ignored her texts. I know this is wrong but I was really struggling with how to handle this.

Now she's actually (almost a year and a half later and maybe only 4 attempts at getting in touch with me) come out and sent me a FB message asking if she's done anything wrong. She misses me.

How do I handle this???? I know how I've been handling it so far is in poor taste, but I have no feelings left for our friendship. I feel like a big bitch!