Like the title grandma passed away in the middle of the night. I'm just trying to keep my shit together today so that my toddler doesn't pick up on how upset I am, but my head is kind of spinning and I was hoping to hear from others who lost someone close when their kids were little.

I have 2 under 2 - my oldest will be 2 in May and my youngest is 5 months. So really not old enough to have any clue what is going on. I'm not going to bring them to the funeral, but my mom asked if I would mind bringing them to the viewing the day before - family wants to see them and I know they would help cheer her up. But I don't know...they have a separate room with food, chairs, tables, etc., that I can keep the kids in. But I don't know how the toddler is going to react or if he'll pick up on or be affected by how sad everyone is. If I'm crazy for bringing them or if I'm being over protective not bringing them. And now I have to go get some funeral home appropriate clothes for them and...ugh. I guess I'm just focusing on logistics right now because it's easier than actually dealing with her dying.