My MIL drives me crazy! The woman has no filter AT ALL and constantly offends everyone around her. She's also OBSESSED with weight and being thin and constantly tries to make herself feel better by putting other people down about their weight and their looks. She's extremely shallow.

So lately I've had two gems from her. We told her I was pregnant and the first thing out of her mouth was "Oh that's why you're looking bigger lately." Um NO! I haven't gained an ounce yet. In fact I've lost weight due to all the morning sickness. I told DH that he needed to tell her that comments about my looks or weight will not be tolerated.

The second one is just as bad. A woman we both know had a baby last week. I told MIL that C finally had her baby. MIL first comment was "how much weight did she gain?" Really?! My response was "I don't know. That's not something I would ever ask another person."