Thoughts on visible names on clothing?

DD is in Kindergarten and joined a daisy Girl Scout troop this year. The leader suggested getting their names embroidered on the backs of their vests and all the parents agreed. Later the same evening we were talking about our first cookie booth and how the girls would obviously need to wear their vests/uniforms. I asked if anyone wanted to revisit the names on the vests thing, thinking about the girls being out in public. Everyone was still fine with it. Logically I don't think anything will happen. She's not going to be alone anywhere public in the ages she's wearing this particular uniform (K & 1st). I'm just not used to being the biggest worrywort. Usually I'm far from it. However, I've had a few interactions at my local grocery stores specifically which lead me to remove my work badge before entering because I don't want anyone to see my first and last name. Of course, that's first and last name and I think first and last is different.

Am I just showing my 80s stranger danger training?