My son is 11 weeks. His naps are absolute crap. He'll nap in the Rock n Play for 20mins max. That's after 10mins of me rocking to get him drowsy. He can be awake for about an hour max before getting really cranky and needing to sleep again. I feel like if his naps were longer, he'd have more/happier awake time.

I'm constantly going back in to put the paci back in or rock him back to sleep. He will nap for much longer (1-2 hours) in the Tula carrier. I'm happy to do that most days, but I'm worried it will create a bad habit. I'd like to get him used to sleeping on his own for naps.

We will do sleep training sometime around 4-6 months, but until then, what do I do?! I won't let him CIO at this point. I'm really torn between creating long-lasting habits (helping him sleep alone) or just doing what works right now(carrier). How do you handle this age's naps?!?!