We recently sleep trained our 10 month old for nighttime sleep, and he still usually wakes up to nurse once at night, and then he wakes around 5:30-6:30. After about a week of the nighttime sleep mostly consistent (no crying at bedtime, but sometimes wakes and cries for a few minutes before soothing himself), I decided to try nap training. Previously we had been rocking/holding him to sleep then gently putting him in his crib, hoping he wouldn't wake up or we would have to start all over again.
Its Day 5, and after 3 days of him crying all the way through his first two naps for an hour, and then taking his third nap in my arms or going to bed early, I decided to try something different on Day 4. I let him cry for both the morning and afternoon nap for 30-40 minutes, then I checked on him and instead of taking him out, I soothed him to sleep in his crib. He protested and cried, but after 10 minutes he was asleep. This morning (Day 5), he fell asleep on the way back from dropping his brother off at daycare, so I decided to drive a little longer and run an errand. He slept for 45 minutes, half in the car and half in the store. We then spent some time outside, came home, nursed and played a little. Even though it had only been about two hours, he was rubbing his eyes. I went through the routine, book, song, put him in crib and hummed. He starts crying when I put him in the crib, but I continue to soothe for about 5 minutes then I walk out.

I'm not sure if I'm setting up an expectation that he will always be soothed after half an hour of crying, but so far, this seems to be what is working, and at least he stays and sleeps in his crib. He is only napping 30-40 minutes, but I am hoping as he gets more and more comfortable with this routine, that time will lengthen. He is also recovering from an ear infection (one more day of antibiotics), so I don't want to leave him crying for an hour.

Any advice, counsel? Should I go back to the one hour CIO, or is it ok to go in at 30 minutes as long as he stays in his crib and falls asleep? I do believe in CIO, it worked for our now 3 year old for nighttime sleep. His naps were more fluid, but he also usually would nap in our bed as long as I lay down with him and he didn't move around much at this age. Our 10 month old would only nap in our bed if I nursed him to sleep, and he is much more active when he wakes up, which has made it necessary to sleep train in the crib for naps.

Thank you so much for any words of wisdom!