OK moms. 99% of my posts on HB are about sleep...sigh... My 4.5 month old has been night trained for about a month and it's going well. I'm now ready to tackle naps this week.

A week into night training, I started nap training him a little, focusing more on the first 2 naps of the day. I've gone from holding him for almost every nap, where he would sleep for 1-2 hours to being able to put him in his crib for the first 2 naps, but he only sleeps for 40 minutes on average. I'm ok with this, since at least he's sleeping in his crib now.

However, the one time I tried training him for the late afternoon nap, it was a disaster. He cried hard for 40 minutes until I rescued him. I really want him to be able to take his last 2 naps in his crib (he needs 4!! naps a day, since they are all 40 minutes long!), so I think I still need to train him for those naps....

If you nap trained, how successful were you in getting your LO to nap for the late afternoon naps? I plan to start with checks, but may quickly go to extinction if necessary. If he cries for the entire 1 hour time limit, do I get him up, play with him a bit and try again within the hour? Or do I keep him up until the next nap?

I'm so nervous to start! But it has to happen. Please share your advice and success stories!