We have tried at each monthly milestone since 1 yr birthday to transition our almost 15 mo old to one nap and she seems to still need 2. I'm ok with it except I recently took a very part time job at a church(9:30-noon) that she goes with me and it is during her morning nap. She usually naps from 9:15-10:30 and 2:00-3:15/3:30. She does ok until about 11 am but then it gets dicey but not unmanageable. When she only gets an afternoon nap, it's usually around 1pm (we get home at 12:30 and then have lunch) and the length will vary from 1.25 hrs to 2.5 hours.
Some weeks I am needed at work more than others and by mid week she's SUPER cranky after waking from afternoon nap and the evening isn't fun for anyone so I usually start bedtime earlier.
So I guess I'm asking if I'm doing the right thing by an earlier bedtime on days it seems she needs it (and has only had one nap) and do you think this will eventually help her wean off morning naps??
She typically goes to bed by 7pm and wakes between 5/5:30 but we don't get her up until 6:00am. I guess I have high hopes she will eventually transition to a longer afternoon nap and start sleeping in a little longer in the mornings so she won't need that morning nap.
When did your LO transition to just one nap and what time do they nap and what time is their bedtime?

Any tips? Suggestions?