Hi ladies! My hubby and I are looking into various stroller and carseat options, and I really need some advice/input.

The Uppababy Cruz is currently our top contender - we like the Vista but we'd prefer something lighter, and the Cruz has everything we're looking for. Except a bassinet. Do we need to buy the bassinet add-on for when our baby's a newborn? I understand baby shouldn't spend too much time in a carseat, but can we buy the infant insert ($35, compared to $189 for a bassinet) for the Cruz and recline the seat for walks? And then swaddle the baby and put it down to sleep in our pack-and-play for the first few months?

For those of you who have a bassinet that's compatible with your stroller, are you glad you have/had it or did you not use it much? Where did your baby sleep for the first few months?