Went to BRU tonight to see if I could "test drive" different strollers, but most specifically the UBV. Of course, they didn't have ANY of the strollers I wanted to test drive, but the sales associate started to make me doubt the UBV, when I thought I'd finally been converted over from the Bugaboo. She said if & when I will want/need to use the 2nd seat/Rumble seat, it's not very good and the older kid won't really fit in it?
The addition of the 2nd seat, along with the sleek and stylish design of the UBV, are what really sold me on the Uppababy since we think we'll probably want a #2 pretty close in age to #1.
Anyone on here use the Uppababy Vista with the rumble 2nd seat? Any words of experience appreciated!

P.S. In case you want to know, she was really pushing the City Select stroller instead.