My son was born about a week ago. We've been lucky to have a lot of support but between the various nurses/lactation consultants at the hospital and the pediatricians/nurses/lactation consultant we've seen at the daily weight checks that we were doing for awhile, we've gotten SO MUCH completely conflicting advice about pretty much everything - supplementing, pacifiers, pumping...and the list goes on. We've just been trying to experiment to find what works for us.

What has me scratching my head now in terms of conflicting advice is feed on demand following baby's cues versus the advice that baby needs a more rigid schedule - i.e. no more than 20 minutes at each breast, max 45 minutes awake, wake up every two hours. If I let him, my son can cluster feed for a long time, significantly exceeding the 45 minute awake time rule. He doesn't fuss and eventually falls asleep feeding. Looking for insight on what other mamas have done with really young infants - did you let your baby cluster feed even if it meant being up for quite awhile, or try to stick to a more rigid schedule?