DS just turned 2 last week. For the past 3-6 months we've really been struggling with him waking up WAY too early. We'd put him to bed at 7:00pm and he'd wake up and be ready to start the day around 4:45am. He was napping at home and at daycare from 1-3ish, and didn't fight bedtime that much. We experimented with putting him to bed earlier / later / added blackout shades and nothing has helped. We tried letting him cry it out but he gets croup every few weeks and there never seems to be an okay time to let him cry where he isn't going to end up coughing a ton.

This past weekend, he fell asleep while we were running errands in the car around 10:30am and slept for like 30-45 minutes. He slept till 6:00am both days this happened and was great the rest of the day / wasn't a nightmare around his usual nap time.

Is it crazy to drop the afternoon nap so early? I'm thinking we'd probably just start letting him take a tiny catnap or car nap in the late morning but not a huge afternoon nap like usual? I'm not sure how we will get daycare on board with this, but sleeping until 6:00am the past two days has been AMAZING!

Anyone else have a kid who stopped napping super early?