Hi mamas - please tell me your experiences about the NICU and respiratory issues.

My 37wk +3day dd was born today (induced bc I have PIH). When I was finally a bit more alert, after being so out of it from the nubain, I realized her breathing sounded a bit off, like she was gasping for air every minute or so. So I asked them to re-examine her and they decided to bring her to the NICU to be observed for a couple hours. Then they ended up saying they're gonna keep her overnight.

Her "color" looks a lot better than earlier though but her chest is still rising and falling a but difficultly. They did a chest X-ray earlier so I'm gonna call ~11:00 for the results.

It was a lot of info to take in but basically she's in a bit of respiratory distress, so she has the oxygen in her nose and she has a tube in her mouth coming from her stomach bc her stomach is distended (this I didn't understand too much).

She also has an iv and they gave her antibiotics just in case but initial labs show no infection. (Note: my Gbs results did not come back in time so I did get antibiotics before I delivered)