My kids are heavy sleepers who were in pull ups for a long time - I thought they would just start getting dry eventually, but they didn' I started (while they still wore pull ups) taking them to the bathroom before I go to bed. Recently we finally decided to pull the pull-ups, since on the occasions they WERE wet in the morning, I'm pretty sure it was laziness and not actual accidents, haha.

They're currently in underwear at night and (usually) dry in the AM... however, I wake them to use the toilet before I go to bed. They really aren't even fully awake, and say they don't remember me doing it. I would like to eventually stop waking them, but don't really know how/when to go about it.

For those who had kids who were dry at night at a bit older age (like 5 or so), and were doing a nighttime potty run - what were your "next steps"....i.e., how did you transition away from waking them at night to letting them fully sleep through. My oldest (6.75) has seemed annoyed the past two nights when I've woken her up...but she has peed when I take her to the bathroom.