So DD's 12 month check up isn't until next week, but I just noticed she hasn't grown, at all, since 9 months. She was 27-1/4" tall at that check-up, and I actually measured her as 27" tall at home for her 12 month board (although I'm sure she didn't shrink). How worried should I be (because you know I am!)?

She was 21" at birth, 23" at 2 months, 26.25" at 6 months, 27.25" at 9 months. (So has gradually dropped percentile, but current height puts her at 2%, down from 25% at 9 months)
Her weight has been around 50%, and has also dropped but not as much. She was 18.1 lbs at 9 months, and is just under 19 lbs now.

I do recall the nurse measuring twice at her 9 month appointment, so I believe there was some concern but it was never voiced to me, and the dr. didn't mention it at all.

Developmentally she seems fine, she's been walking for awhile, waves bye, no words yet other than mom-mom-mom.

Questions I should go in with next week? Anything else I should be looking out for? Anyone have similar stalls in height that were fine?