I've got DH 90% convinced that we should go to NYC for Spring Break. Woo! It's actually a huge deal that he agreed to this because he's always said that NYC was too intimidating for him. I'm so excited!

This is our first family trip, and DH, LO and I will be flying together, with her as a lap infant, on most likely JetBlue airlines. It looks like the plane is a 2-seat row, which is awesome. I'm looking to stay at the Affinia Dumont which is on E 34th St., in a suite with a full kitchen. We'll be staying for 4 nights.

So here are some questions for you NYC/travel bees!

-Any tips on keeping a 9 month old happy on a plane?
-Tips on adjusting for the time change? (we're coming from Central time zone)
-Is bringing a car seat for the cab something I should consider, or should I try and stick to public transportation?
-Bring a PnP or use hotel crib?
-Umbrella stroller or carrier? Both?
-Any restaurant recommendations in the area we are staying in?
-I've been to NY once before, but I'd like to hear *your* must-see destinations, as well as any experience you have at them while toting a baby around!

Help a bee out