Here goes.
I am new to online boards and terrible with the short hand ttc, ah, lo etc.
I have a daughter who's 3years conceived after 4pelvic operations clearing away endometriosis.
We had been trying since and with the help if ICSI just discovered I am 5ish weeks pregnant! HALLELUJAH.
We moved from the UK to the USA April last. Going from the NHS to private has been a shock. We still do not have a family dr or a pediatrician. We have a good health insurance. BCBS PPO.
This is where you maybe able to help me.
My bmi is over 30 meaning I'm obese. Nothing fits. Where do you get cheap mater its clothes in Newton MA. I feel so down about this. Yes-I appreciate I have had 3years to battle this. I have thyroid issues and struggles in my life have made my weight a plate I couldn't spin. Now Im wishing I had for the sake of my baby. Can you reduce your calories? Adjust your exercise regime?

Also-At 39week I got pregnancy induced hypertension with my daughter which couldn't be controlled, my daughter was an emergency c-section in the UK after being induced for 72hours and only reaching 5cm dilated. She became stressed and muconium was found in the waters.
I am wondering what the U.S. process is? Can I ask for a elective c-section considering the previous experience?
I appreciate I have gone on&on. I'm not sure what is an appropriate amount of questions in one post. I don't even know if I need a doula/OBGYN or a midwife! I appreciate there maybe 100posts covering exactly what I have asked. Apologies again if this is the case.
Look forward to any help guidance or anyone in assimilate position feeling the same way.