Would love some thoughts/input on this:

A little backstory - m/c last summer so tons of anxiety that has slowly improved with the help of a therapist but also with the nice progression of my current pregnancy.

I have the option of traveling to work to CA or FL (Tampa & Orlando) in July. DH and my 2 yo will be coming with and I am leaning heavily towards FL because of the shorter flight time (comforting for me and LO) and being more familiar w/ FL (easier to get around, have friends to visit, etc.) My only concern right now is the potential for zika virus. At the moment there is no "known" risk, especially in that area and if I do go, I plan on taking every precaution as if it were present. My question is, is it actually feasible to take all precautions (i.e. DEET, long sleeves/pants) and will they be enough to make me feel confident in not getting bitten? Also, I know FL is known for humidity and heat in the summer (which I am sort of accustomed to having been to SE Asia in the summers growing up) but will I be absolutely miserable to the point of not wanting to go outdoors? Any local tips for managing being out in the heat? We do plan on going to Disney for a day or two but have no plans to rush to see/do too much..

Any thoughts, suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thank you!