I did this a while back, but we're moving in a week and I have to eat down as much as possible in my fridge and freezer, so I thought I would start a thread for anyone looking for pantry/freezer meal ideas!

I have a kitchen fridge, a garage fridge, and a drop freezer - all of which have to be cleaned out and defrosted by Monday, August 21st! We are going to be displaced in a VRBO for about a week before we can move into our new house so I can take some of the food with me, but not much. So the goal is to eat up as much of the freezer as possible, cook double and freeze our meals from this week to take to the rental for easy meals NEXT week, and buy as little fresh stuff as possible!

Over the weekend we ate/used up:

- Finished 2 boxes of cereal
- Finished the yogurt
- Ate 2 frozen tubs of soup
- Dinner party with friends - used up a bag of frozen spinach and cheese raviolis, half a bag of frozen mushrooms, some frozen spinach, a jar of pasta sauce, a bag of meatballs, and a frozen baguette.

This week's meal plan:

- Bulgogi ground beef bowls. This will use up 1lb frozen ground beef, 1/2 bag of frozen peas and carrots, the rest of the frozen mushrooms, frozen broccoli, shredded carrots in the crisper, and some onion and garlic. Also the remaining green onions in our garden. Serve with steamed rice. Will freeze half of this to take with us to the rental.

- Taco night. Will use up 1lb of ground beef, a package of tortillas, an open bag of shredded cheese, the rest of the lettuce, tomatoes from the garden, and an open jar of salsa. Spanish rice will use up some open tomato sauce, a frozen tub of chicken broth, and the rest of the frozen peas and carrots. Will add a can of beans (and any frozen corn if I have any open) to the taco meat to bulk it up. Also have a bag of chips in the pantry. Freeze half the meat and rice to take to rental.

- Breakfast for dinner night. Will make big omelets to use up the tons of eggs we have. Will add turkey sausage, Canadian bacon, any leftover mushrooms, frozen baby spinach, and onions to the mix. Top with any remaining shredded cheese and salsa from taco night. Frozen waffles or French toast on the side with the open jar of maple syrup on the side.

- Fried rice. Take all the leftover meat (right now chicken sausage, hot dogs, Canadian bacon, deli turkey meat) and any remaining open bags of frozen veg and eggs and all the leftover rice from the rice cooker and make into a massive pot of fried rice. Freeze half and take to the rental.

- Indian night. We'll invite friends over for a last hurrah dinner party next weekend. (They'll be helping us watch the kids while we finish trying to pack up). I'll make a few different curries. If I have any frozen chicken left, I'll make a tikka masala. I'll make a vegetarian bean curry using any remaining canned beans, a bag of frozen peas, a bag of frozen green beans, the last of the onions and potatoes, some canned tomatoes, and coconut milk/cream. I'll make another using the last of the frozen spinach and a bag of frozen collard greens I have and an open bag of mozzarella cheese and sour cream - like a weird saag paneer/creamed spinach type deal. Make a pot of steamed basmati rice and use the rest of the frozen naan. Use the remaining plain yogurt and the last cucumber growing on the vine as we speak for some raita. Send any leftovers home with our friends.

- Make 1 pot of short grained Asian rice and 1 pot of basmati rice and freeze to take to the rental.

The kids should eat most of this stuff but in case they don't want it, we have:

- Chicken nuggets
- Corn dogs
- Hot pockets
- Frozen chicken pita sandwiches

Breakfast will be:

- Frozen waffles
- Yogurt pouches
- Banana bread. Will use up the 2 gallon bags of frozen brown bananas I have. Will use up all the flour, a lot of sugar, many eggs, and 1-2lbs of butter in the freezer. Should yield like 6-8 loaves of bread at least. Will eat for breakfast this week, give some to the neighbors and realtor as parting gifts, and will freeze some to take to the rental.
- The rest of the open cereal (I think we have 2 half-eaten boxes?)

Adult lunches:

- Leftover Japanese curry from last week
- Leftover pizza from last week
- Leftover Italian beef sandwiches
- Will cook a frozen corned beef in the Instant Pot for sandwiches
- Remaining frozen tubs of soup (2 left!)

Lunches for the kids will be:

- Uncrustables
- Lunchables (ham or pepperoni, string cheese, crackers)
- Peanut butter crackers with sliced hot dogs (weird I know)
- Leftover spaghetti and meatballs
- Rest of the baby carrots
- Watermelon
- Strawberries
- Grapes
- Applesauce pouches
- Some juice coolers once the milk runs out

Mom and Dad need to:
- Finish the beer
- Finish up the open coffee/creamer
- Finish the remaining pop in the fridge
- Make a bag of any frozen vegetarian stuff (frozen pizzas, veggie burgers, etc) and take them over to our friend who is vegetarian and eats a lot of convenience foods.
- Ask friends if they want any of our frozen or unopened pantry goods and have them take as much as they want.\

Snacks will be:
- Hummus and carrots
- Guac/salsa and chips
- Any remaining fresh fruit
- Open bag of goldfish crackers
- Rice cakes
- Popcorn
- Cereal
- Puffs
- Fruit snacks
- Bars
- Banana bread


- Boys will get an ice cream cone after dinner this week to use up any ice cream and open bag of cones. We also have an open package of cookies to use up.

Will add more things as I think of them!