DS is 3.5 years old. He has always has a preference for mommy (me) since maybe when he was 1, or younger. It has grown to become a pretty big problem now.

If we were in a car and DH talks to him, or just says his name, DS would start whining and cry "Mommy....!" and wouldn't respond to his dad.Or, if DS asked a question and DH answered him, he also would whine and cry "mommy...!" This, together with many other things. I can see it bothering DH, as he started asking DS what did he do wrong, hahahahha! It just cracked me up that a 40 year old man seriously asked a 3.5 year old what did he do wrong to deserve this. I feel bad for him but I don't know what I could do.

I usually would correct DS, and said he needs to be nice to daddy, and it is OK for both of us to respond to him. He said yes but he still whines especially when he is in a bad mood. When we asked him, his reasoning toward why he wasn't nice to daddy was because, daddy always say potty words (well, I have to say, DH really made a big effort to reduce "potty words usage" in front of DS, but DS is being unreasonable too, sometimes he would complain to me that DH said "dude" and that's a potty word. I mean seriously?), amongst other things.

It is not like I spoil him either. I am always very strict with him and I yell at him a lot of times. If there were a good cop bad cop scenario, I am always the bad cop. But I have to say that since birth, I am always the sole caregiver. DH never gives him a bath or puts him to bed. But DH also plays with him when he can. I understand that DS prefers me naturally, but sometimes the way he does it hurts his daddy's feelings.

Is this a phase? Does this happen to any of you? Any solution and advice? When do they grow out of it? Thanks a bunch!