DH and I are attending a wedding in a remote area outside of London this spring, and have a few days to tack on a little vacation afterwards while his parents watch our three kids (yay!) We are most likely going to do Paris due to the ease of getting there (train), and some killer airfare deals we found for the return flight. But we both have not been since we were teens/young adults, and would love some tips from anyone who has been recently. Primarily I'm researching the following:

- Private cooking class? We did this in Rome and it was amazing - the chef took us to a market on his moped, bought the ingredients, and cooked a 5-course meal with us in his apartment.

- Daytrip for wine tasting?

- Private tour company in Paris? We've both seen all the "big" sites so don't really need an in-depth visit, but might enjoy some sort of neighbor hood tour or drive around the city. On second thought, even a hop-on-hop-off bus could fit that bill, if there's a route that hits some fun neighborhoods for a combination of eating (priority!), shopping, and minor sightseeing.

We'll be there about 3 days, are adventurous eaters, don't speak a lot of French, and don't care too much about finding bargains once there, since we're doing well on airfare and we don't generally get to go kid-free more than once a year - so we'll spend a little extra to get a great experience or for our own convenience.

Thanks in advance!