Does anyone else have one of those family members that just makes snide, passive aggressive comments all the time?

My grandmother hasn't let it go that my sister didn't choose her to watch her daughter when she went back to work. Instead of driving 20 minutes (literally) out of the way to my grandmothers house, she chose a close family friend who has a babysitting service for a really good rate close to her house.
She constantly makes comments on FACEBOOK like "Waiting on baby (name) to come over. Got a whole nursery made up and she's all that's missing."
"Bought (baby) some new toys. All that's missing is (baby). Wish (sister) would bring her over every now and then."

Then, now that I'm pregnant, she makes comments like "Oh, you don't want to buy any bedding from a store. I'll make it for you."
"I have a crib already so you don't have to buy one. You can use the color for whatever gender and buy matching furniture later." Not the fact that I don't appreciate the offer but she WONT accept the fact that I may want to buy my own!!

And she keeps reminding me that she is expecting me to let her watch my child when I go back to work. Um no. Lets just say she watched us as children and I would rather not put my child through the same thing.

I've just had one comment to many and needed to vent. I love my grandma but GEEZ. Maybe if she just came out and politely asked instead of making rude comments we would come around more!! We always go visit at least once a month. Anyone else in a similar situation?

I just feel like this: