Man I normally don't rant. I guess I want to see if other moms with boys have this issue. I swear 9 times out of 10 people assume because my son is boy he is naturally more "rough" or more "mischievous" and will be a hand full. I know it's a stereotype in the US but honestly it's not always true. It shouldn't bother me but my son is sweetest, most gentle kid. He does have a lot energy but never is "rough." He will kiss and hug his stuffed animals and be more affectionate then my daughter. He is tender hearted at times and is so sweet. My daughter is the rough one. She throws her babies and stuffed animals and pokes them in the eyes lol. (She is sweet but in her own way) But she out of both my kids is the mischievous one or the one who will pick on her brother.
Like I know at the end of the day it probably doesn't matter. I just have family member who make that comment a lot.

Any other moms have this similar pet peeve or issue? Any other pet peeves?