My friend and I both have a 20 month old (hers is older than mine by 3 days). One day she asked me if we had any strange phobias developed. I thought that was an odd question, but LO did get more and more afraid of animals. Don't get me wrong, he LOVES watching them, especially dogs! However, he would be super afraid of them if they ever come check him out. He used to be OK with patting zoos when he was a few months younger, and I don't know what happened he was really scared and wanted me to hold him when we were at a patting zoo last weekend. He even was afraid of our cat (very mellow and old) at random times.

Then my friend's toddler is even weirder: She is now afraid of windshield wipers. It developed out of the blue - one day it was raining and they had to turn on the windshield wipers, and she had a panic attack (her carseat is forward facing). She won't stop screaming and crying, and she had her hands covering her eyes! They had to pull over several times to calm her down. Poor thing.

Did your LO develop any kind of strange phobia? Was that a developmental stage and did it go away?