So I bought DH an Xbox 360 in November for a great deal. I have not looked forward to Christmas this much since I was a kid! I couldn't wait to see his face, because he's wanted it for years. Fast forward to Black Friday, he sees it on sale and plants his feet in the store saying he's going to buy it. I'm trying to talk him out of it, claiming money, and he refuses to listen. So I had to tell him that was his gift and almost burst into tears because my surprise was ruined.

I eventually got over it, kind of, and last week asked my friend (who is friends with DH) what game I could surprise him with that he wants but didn't ask for, and she told me. I order this game, get home, and he tells me he's buying it with a gift card he received. I try, again, to talk him out of it and he refused. So I had to tell him I bought it - I burst into tears because it was literally the only other gift he was getting, and the only surprise I had.

Then I come home today, and he bought himself the headset! My Mom had no ideas for him and picked that up, and he bought it. I think it's a combination of hormones and frustration, but I'm in tears. He says who cares.

Why didn't he take the hint the first 2 times and STOP shopping the week of Christmas? Is this a man thing? He doesn't think it's a big deal at all!