Just curious ladies. Have any of you had Polyhydramnios? I don't have it officially. My tech during my 4D at the doctors office keep mentioning that I had a lot of fluid for how many weeks I am (31 weeks today) she would say stuff "her foot is in the way but you have more then plenty of fluid for her to move." And a few other variations. She even checked my fluid amount. Now she never told me if they were okay. She just said "if you have too much it's called polyhydramnios" My baby is oblique and has been transverse in the past. She tends to be able to flip sides super easily. She said she couldn't get good pictures and wanted me to come back next week. (Our picture were actually pretty good so I was surprised) Now my doctor didn't say anything even though he looked at everything. Idk I guess I'm just nervous I have a bit too much fluid. She won't go head down and I feel movement but not as much with my kids. She was moving during the ultrasound and I couldn't feel it. I'm sure if I did they would tell me. I guess I'm just curious want to hear other ladies experiences and what their doctors told them.