Okay, ever since we got O to start napping in the crib, poop is literally ruining every single nap. She either poops while falling asleep, so she doesn't fall asleep or she wakes up at the end of a sleep cycle, poops, and is then awake after only 30 minutes of nap. She is 8 months old and has been on solids for a good 1.5 months. I offer solids well before nap (1-1.5 hours) so she can attempt to poop, but the crib is like her toilet or something. It's getting really old. Her first nap has taken 30 plus minutes because I can never tell if she's fussing because she doesn't want to sleep or if she's fussing because she pooped. I went in and of course SHE POOPED. Ugh! Any advice?? Anyone else experience this?
Oh edited to add.....she was constipated the other day and we had an awesome nap day, like 1.5 hrs for every nap and she went down in like 5 minutes. Soooo I know she's tired and the times I am offering sleep!