A will be 3 at the end of February. We've been potty training for about a month and she's been doing great. A week ago we switched to undies at daycare full time because she had been keeping her pull-up dry there for a few weeks.

We're still struggling with poop though, which happened with my my older son as well. He was happy to put on a diaper to go though, and eventually gained the confidence to go on the toilet. A will absolutely not put on a diaper though, and also refuses to go on the potty. So now, she holds all day and will poop in her sleep (still wearing a diaper at night). She used to poop twice a day, but now it's once, or every other day.

Starting this weekend, she would ask to go to the bathroom multiple times and nothing would happen. We'd sit for a few mins, she'd say she was done, we'd get down and then repeat the process a few mins later. I figured she was holding her poop and tried to get her to put a diaper on, but she wasn't having any of that. Eventually she'd have a pee accident even though we'd been on the toilet 6 times in the previous 15 minutes. Now, the girl who's been dry for weeks at daycare has had three pee accidents in the last two days, and had three accidents at home over the weekend, even though she has been on the toilet plenty of times leading up to the accidents.

I need help figuring out what's going on before I can even begin to address the problem. Is she constipated causing her to have accidents, is she being defiant and trying to resist using the potty at all, does she have a UTI (no fever or complaints of pain), is this just some typical regression? I hate potty training with a fiery passion...