I started seeing a counselor about 2 months ago. My daughter is 5.5 months old. My main issues have been around our nursing relationship not going as planned. Counseling has been helpful in working through my disappointment and I also began taking 50 mg Zoloft.

When weaning happened unexpectedly in the last week, I sort of hit an even lower point. I had hoped to keep am/pm nursing but with gradually weaning for the last month, my supply just didn't keep up with my expectations. I am incredibly irritable, picking fights with my husband constantly. I feel detached from him and like all I can focus on is being a mom. I'm increasingly harder on myself. I am still so disappointed with how nursing went for us. I am also SO tired of feeling sad about it.

Anyway, did this happen to anyone else? Feelings getting worse even with therapy/meds? I'm thinking its the actual ending of nursing that is doing it but maybe it's coupled with the overall post partum hormonal issues. I did read that gradual weaning as opposed to cold turkey weaning should safe guard against a big hormone drop. At any rate, I am considering having my medication tweaked.