During pregnancy #1 I got a couple of varicose veins in my legs which got better but didn't go away completely after I had the baby. This pregnancy (I'm 26 weeks now) my legs have completely erupted in huge, bulbous varicose veins (same as before plus more) and tons of patches of bruised-looking spider veins. Diet and exercise have been almost identical, weight gain was faster this time but now leveling off and is not dissimilar from last time (I've gained 2 more pounds this time so far); the only thing I can think of that's different is I took baby aspirin last time and didn't bother with it this time. I'm also getting painful vulvar varicosities (for me, pressure-pain upon standing basically where my pubic hair area is).

Has anyone else had this on HB? Did it resolve or go away pp? My OB referred me to a vascular surgeon and I'm going to go, not sure what to expect though. The varicose veins are uncomfortable-to-painful, the spider vein patches are just super unsightly.