Okay, I need some advice about prepping.

I have 20 TPU pocket diapers, a ton of microfiber inserts, 4 minky diapers with charcoal bamboo inserts, and 2 bum genius 4.0s.

The kawaii website says not to use hot water..to wash on cold. Do I need to wash covers more than once? Also, the kawaii website says not to put them in the dryer. I was planning on air drying anyway, but have read about needing to seal the covers. Kawaii says that's a myth and will void the warranty.

I was going to wash a load of dark covers, a load of light covers, a load of microfiber inserts, and then a load of the charcoal bamboo inserts. Should I wash my minky covers separately? Or can I wash them with the regular covers?

Should I wash the BG diapers by themselves or can I wash them with my other covers?

ETA: I've read synthetics only need to be washed once. Should I do multiple washes for my inserts anyway? And since all of my inserts are synthetic, can I was them all together or should I separate like I had originally planned?

Help me!